March 4, 2012

4-up #3

4-up_2012-03-03 by philipjbond

4-up_2012-03-03, a photo by philipjbond on Flickr.
what's been passing across or close to the drawing table of late
1) Space Commander Ursa
2) Dr. Ernst Bunn
3) struggling through three attempts at the piece on the WhatNot blog
4) gratuitous bikini sketch

March 1, 2012


My first posting to the illustrious WhatNot blog, following Jock's suggested theme 'naked'. Fretted over three versions before throwing pens and pencils in the air and settling on this one. I'll keep it simpler next time I think. What Not: NO NAKED FLAME

also... ancient desktop wallpapers in sizes no longer supported by modern monitors! envy of co-workers! etc!
Wired World

1024 x 768
800 x 600
Angel & The Ape

1024 x 768
800 x 600

1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

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