August 17, 2008

also, this...

While manning the table at the San Diego Con, the fanboys and fangirls over at iFanboy recorded this interview (I'm stuck in there between Eisner-winner Chuck BB and some hack called Grant Morrison) during which I was surprisingly eloquent and at least mildly interesting. What is that accent though? Somewhere between Lancashire, Sussex and New Jersey I guess.

August 4, 2008

What I Did On My Vacation.


Blistered feet finally back on solid NJ ground after getting back from the San Diego Convention where the ever-expanding "celebration of popular culture" still indulges an ever-contracting comics contingent. "Artists Alley", as it turns out, was an absolute gas. A steady stream of the nicest folks ever, even a few Deadline readers who must have come on a charabanc day-out from the old-folks home (I jest - reading comics keeps you youthful). And freaks. Zombies, cosplayers, Stormtroopers of all shapes and sizes. Cheers then to all who came by, and to my lovely neighbours Peter Gross and Zander Cannon to my left, Randy & Denise and the "Lady Death" bloke to the right.

All this and the secret meetings with mystery writer, mystery inker and mystery editor for special secret upcoming project. I shall say no more for fear of disappearing into a mystery black limo never to be seen again.

Oh, and I finally figured out what "Being Boiled" is about. Must have been on a slow filter through my brain for the last 27 years.

July 16, 2008

Prints Charming.


If you'll be at the San Diego Comic-Con next week do stop by table CC-04 in "Artists Alley" and say hi. And buy one of my exclusive and limited prints. We just got these in - two brand spanking full colour large format prints just begging to be framed and hung.

Or flip over to the bondnet store and order them by mail from there.

Anyhows, this will be the first time I've been able to get out to San Diego since before the sprog was born and the first time I've done the Artists Alley thing at all. In fact any time I've been to the San Diego Con before I'll confess I've never even glanced at the Artists Alley. In short I've no idea what to expect. I shall anticipate sitting there bored out of my tiny mind as kids dressed as World Of Warcraft characters wander by, glance vacantly at my nametag and move along to the next table. At least I'll have a chair so I'll be the one laughing.

If you're one of those kids wandering by I have two requests: don't ask me to draw a picture of Superman; and buy one of my prints, or I'll be walking home.

June 12, 2008

How We Used To Live.


It is still 2008, right? Storm blew through on Tuesday evening. Pretty spectacular lightning but to be frank the wind and rain weren't up to much. Still, when the first clap of thunder boomed the power cut out and we were plunged into the Middle Ages. Almost 48 hours later and we still haven't been reconnected. Yesterday morning I sat on the porch and actually spoke to the neighbours, by afternoon I had tossed all the perishables from the fridge and was dancing, fur-clad, around a possum I had snared. OK, I exaggerate, but last night we sat round a couple of candles and told stories (little Spencer's contribution: "Once upon a time Spiderman made a poo").

So anyhoo. I'm hopped up on iced coffee and muffins and free wireless access, sat here in our local Panera sandwich shop opposite two 20 year-olds in suits comparing graphs, and next to a huge business man trying to sell some poor sap a get rich internet scheme. He'll be rich faster than a career in comics but hollow on the inside. Oh so hollow.

May 12, 2008

Test The Theory

The theory being if you work more it'll encourage you to work more and following that if I post more on the website it'll encourage me to post more. We'll see how it pans out.

Right now nothing seems to be working. I've rearranged the website, trying to consolidate and but due to my incompetence everything is screwed and ends up as a big "404 not found". Thought I was a big smart-arse but it seems I'm just a big arse. If you can see this at all I congratulate you on your perseverance in trying out random URLs.

At least I posted something. Next time - real news.

March 12, 2008

"it a picture of daddy"

It's been an age since the last real update so let's get the main points covered:

1. Reproduction: baby Spencer arrived, three and a half years later he's a little boy already and an avid artist, musician and telly viewer.

2. Displacement: left a cramped Manhattan apartment for the leafy suburbs.

3. Polytheism: Vimanarama, written by Grant Morrison, a tale of love, war and ancient gods. Collected edition out now.

4. Incompetence: The Escapists, written by Brian K. Vaughan and based on Michael Chabon's Kavalier & Clay novel. An ongoing series but due to (I keep telling myself) time spent looking after the aforementioned Spencer it devolved into a debacle of missed deadlines and the excellent Steve Rolston took over after one issue.

On the website front, there's more art in the gallery, original pages in the store, and frisky-fresh new desktops! More reports from the front soon, right now a deadline looms and a diaper stinks.

For history's sake, whatever that's worth, all those hilarious and informative older posts are archived here. Just don't expect the links to work.

also... ancient desktop wallpapers in sizes no longer supported by modern monitors! envy of co-workers! etc!
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