August 12, 2013


SWcard23 by philipjbond
SWcard23, a photo by philipjbond on Flickr.

#23 Superfluous plot point at Tosche Station.

July 7, 2013

January 19, 2013

vimanarama revisit

vimanarama revisit by philipjbond

vimanarama revisit, a photo by philipjbond on Flickr.
found amongst the piles and piles of old artwork

March 4, 2012

4-up #3

4-up_2012-03-03 by philipjbond

4-up_2012-03-03, a photo by philipjbond on Flickr.
what's been passing across or close to the drawing table of late
1) Space Commander Ursa
2) Dr. Ernst Bunn
3) struggling through three attempts at the piece on the WhatNot blog
4) gratuitous bikini sketch

March 1, 2012


My first posting to the illustrious WhatNot blog, following Jock's suggested theme 'naked'. Fretted over three versions before throwing pens and pencils in the air and settling on this one. I'll keep it simpler next time I think. What Not: NO NAKED FLAME

January 13, 2012

4-up #1

What’s been going on.

September 11, 2011

it's my 9 /11 tenth anniversary post

September 10th 2001 I was in our Midtown Manhattan apartment drawing the fourth issue of Vertigo’s Angel & The Ape reboot. I’d been living in the city for almost a year and for most of that time I’d been working on the four-issue series. Writers Howard Chaykin and David Tischman set the story in New York and I was feeling the art was something of a love-letter to my new city, from the tops of the downtown skyscrapers to the steps of the uptown brownstones.

I’d just finished page one and, bearing in mind the top tip of never leaving yourself a blank page for the morning, drawn the first panel of page two, this scene-setting view looking south past the Empire State Building to the Twin Towers. And off to bed.

By mid morning the next day, when I should have been all caffeined-up and back at the drawing table finishing the page, no one was thinking too much about comics. Our little apartment had filled up with evacuees from the nearby DC offices, unable to get trains out of the city to their own homes, quietly watching events unfold on TV.

By the time that issue of Angel & The Ape went to press someone in DC’s production department must have been given the odd little task of removing the towers from the skyline in the panel. Too soon, too soon. Sensitive times and all that. Despite my kicking up a tiny fuss The World Trade Center is missing from the page in the printed book. Shame, I love New York and I loved those towers.

November 20, 2010

characters I never expected I’d have to draw #87


I can now cross Howard The Duck off my list.

Another big clearout. Original pages from that old chestnut Kill Your Boyfriend have been making their way over onto eBay. Close to the bottom of their box now so if you ever fancied one now’s the time.  Or if ever-regenerating self-aware buffoonery is your bag (and you want to avoid the eBay machine) I’ve just added a whole bunch of Deadpool art to the catalog of available original pages here.

also... ancient desktop wallpapers in sizes no longer supported by modern monitors! envy of co-workers! etc!
Wired World

1024 x 768
800 x 600
Angel & The Ape

1024 x 768
800 x 600

1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

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