November 20, 2010

characters I never expected I’d have to draw #87


I can now cross Howard The Duck off my list.

Another big clearout. Original pages from that old chestnut Kill Your Boyfriend have been making their way over onto eBay. Close to the bottom of their box now so if you ever fancied one now’s the time.  Or if ever-regenerating self-aware buffoonery is your bag (and you want to avoid the eBay machine) I’ve just added a whole bunch of Deadpool art to the catalog of available original pages here.

May 20, 2010

dispatches from the road / rail / capsule #23

I know it’s late to bring this up but it’s the Bristol Comic Expo here in the UK this weekend. No big fuss, I’ll be in the bar, say hi.

February 27, 2010

since we last spoke…


Aw, can it really have been six months? They grow up so fast and before you know it they’re out in the world on their own. Probably shacked up with that mouthy girl from the rough side of town. No, wait – I was talking about Red Herring, the conspiracy caper book by David Tischman and myself, the final issue of which hit the streets just a few weeks back. The man at Wildstorm says there’s a chance we might see the six issues collected in single book one day, but try to grab the originals and you’ll be able to spoil the ending for the latecomers.

Also out now, issue 50 of Brian Wood’s DMZ. I get to contribute a page to this collection of "Notes From The Underground" alongside real proper artists like Fabio Moon, Dave Gibbons, Eduardo Risso, Ryan Kelly and etcetera and etcetera

Up next - Marvel’s Prelude To Deadpool Corps event has an issue for each week of March and I get to draw part 3, Dogpool. Watch as I slowly overcome my dread fear of drawing dogs.

Bonus feature: Douglas Coupland for the wonderful Hey, Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time!

also... ancient desktop wallpapers in sizes no longer supported by modern monitors! envy of co-workers! etc!
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